So far I have used my Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 steam cleaner to clean my bathroom, barbeque and boat so why not my car? Because the XVapor 1500 is portable I know that I can take it outside and do some of the detail work on my car rims.

No sure what was on the rims but it was sticky and dirty so I know that the steam will get in there and loosen it up and then all I have to do is wipe it away. Once I have the steam cleaner ready to go my neighbor pops over and suggests that it could be road tar residue that is on my rims and he brings over a bottle of chemical cleaner. I really don’t want to use chemicals; my little part to improve the health of our water supply and environment. I explain that I am going to try steam cleaning  for my car first and he watches.

I am using the small detail brush and detail nozzle, I have a few rags for wiping away the moisture. I make small circles with the steam on high pressure and slowly the residue starts to move and break down. I wipe away the small area that I have steamed and it is clean; my neighbor is impressed and watches as I finish the first rim and it is really clean.

I finish the rest of the rims and invite my neighbor to come over and have a look at the finished work. He just went on line to buy his own Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 steam cleaner!