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Eurosteam® Next Generation Iron


The Eurosteam® Next Generation Steam Iron is professionally designed for home use including sewers, quilters and crafters. It features powerful bursts of steam with a ceramic coated sole plate to glide effortlessly over any fabric removing wrinkles effortlessly. With just one setting you can iron fabrics from denim to silk, corduroy to velvet and NEVER burn, scorch or crush the fabrics.


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The Eurosteam Next Generation Iron is a revolutionary steam iron that is simplifying the way people iron their clothes all over USA, by making it easier and quicker. The light-weight steam iron press features a compact design and is specially crafted to be super-efficient and extremely user-friendly.

The distinguishing feature of the Eurosteam Next Generation Iron is the ability to iron all fabrics with the same setting. That means no more wasting time to adjust the iron setting each time you change the cloth, or guessing if the iron is too hot or cold. The steam iron doesn’t take much time heating up and a ready light button indicates when the steam iron press is ready.

The unmatchable 1000 watts power of the steam iron projects efficient wrinkle-fighting steam that smoothens multiple fabric layers in one go, and cuts down the time you spend ironing by half. Moreover, the uniquely elongated tip of the ceramic sole plate makes ironing between buttons, belt loops or rim supremely easy. The steam iron press utilises the steam power with much greater efficiency as compared to traditional steam irons, and is built to give you quick and consistent results.

The Eurosteam Next Generation Iron is a radical solution to save time and effort while ironing your clothes, and the several unique design enhancements of the steam iron press allow for faster, quicker and better results. The steam iron press truly has no competition, and is helping countless Americans save time in doing dreary chores, using the power of steam.

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