How many people in the USA ever clean their barbeque grills on a regular basis? Using chemicals are not a healthy choice; they are bad for the planet, they are expensive and can make us sick if ingested. In the past I have used a scrub brush, a little heat from the BBQ with soapy water to clean the grills. Today I am using the Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 high pressure steam cleaner. Having a grill steam cleaner makes the job so much faster.

I leave the grills inside the barbeque, you could place them on a tarp or work bench,  and start to steam with the grill steamer set to high so that high pressure steam can work. I use the metal round detail brush and the high pressure steam to blast that grease and grime. I did use slight pressure on the brush but the steam did most of the work. Grill steam cleaning is easy to do and makes a big difference to extending the life of your barbeque.

Steam cleaning the grills killed 99.9% of all of the bacteria and germs that had cooked onto the grill. It took me some time as the grills were dirty but now I am going clean my grills once a week with my portable Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 steam cleaner. I have a barbeque out at the lake too,  so next weekend my portable grill steam cleaner can be there with me to clean the grills. Once I get started I know that I will find many more uses for my steam cleaner.