The Eurosteam® XVapor multi-purpose steam cleaner can be used to clean almost every surface in your house to sanitize and leave a chemical free clean that is safe and environmentally friendly. Having one steamer that can be a multi-purpose steamer to clean all the surfaces in your home not only makes it efficient but it also makes it budget friendly. Anyone in the USA can take advantage of a budget saver like that.

Eurosteam® XVapor is light weight, portable for easy travel from space to space or home to car, it uses high pressure steam to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria and it has a wide variety of useful tools that store in the onboard tool kit.

A few ideas for your multi-purpose steam cleaner

  • Unfortunately, you can’t fit a mattress in a washing machine, but boy, do those things get dirty! Your steam cleaner comes to the rescue! You can clean and sanitize in about 10 minutes. Easy!
  • Bust through soap scum and hard water stains in your shower.
  • Clean your tile and grout thoroughly. I had no idea grout could get so dirty even with mopping.
  • Clean your grill without harsh chemicals. All you need are a wire brush attachment and a good bit of steam to take away grease and grime.
  • Get the mold, fungus, germs and bacteria out of your bathroom by using the steam cleaner to get in all those crooks and crevices that your hands just can’t reach.
  • Clean your oven with steam without using harmful chemicals.
  •  Make your microwave look like new inside and out.
  • Your range hood is probably covered in grease and dust too, right? Make it spic and span after you finish with your microwave.
  • Steam can make all your appliances shine, particularly the stainless steel appliances that seem to be a magnet for fingerprints.