Mildew and mold are a problem that every household in the USA experiences every once in a while. In general, it can be found in humid places but the most common area where they grow is the bathroom. Due to a combination of high levels of humidity and shampoos, shower gels, etc. this part of the house suffers from mold more often than any other room. The bathroom and shower area provide mold with all that it needs to survive; moisture and a constant food source. The best ways to kill mold and keep it away is to steam clean mold.

The Eurosteam® XVapor will steam clean mold and kill any spores immediately using healthy clean water and a rag to wipe it away. The XVapor is a mold steam cleaner and a powerful cleaning tool to eliminate 99.9% of dust mites, germs, mold, and fungus. Typical bleach cleaning, that is bad for your health, does not kill mold it just makes it invisible so not doing anything to stop the mold and kill it.

A real deep mold steam cleaning makes my bathroom look and smell clean, very clean and gives me the peace of mind knowing that it is clean on a microscopic level. All of the onboard tools can be used to kill the mold and because the Eurosteam® XVapor is portable for easy travel, multi-purpose and uses high pressure steam; it is the perfect tool to have to ensure that you have a safe environment in your home.