Many homes in the USA have a screen door, sliding patio glass door and windows that slide on their house and they need to be cleaned, especially the tracks and sills. The skinny sills are so hard to clean and that is where the dust and grit settles sometimes making the window hard to move. I could spend a lot of time with Q-tips and paper towels trying to remove what dirt and build up that I could but I don’t have that kind of time or patience.

I used my Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 steam cleaner as a glass door steam cleaner to get into those hard to clean sills and tracks. I used the detail nozzle first, set the steamer to high pressure and directed it into the side tracks and sill. The glass door steam cleaner made the dirt and grime lift off and then I wiped out the track and sill with a clean rag. Lastly I cleaned the glass with the squeegee and dried the moisture with a clean rag. Having a glass door steam cleaner made the job very easy and it was nice to see the difference so quickly. My patio glass door now slides opened and closed with ease.

Using the easy on board tool caddy to clean inside and out. The XVapor 1500 steam cleaner is so portable, I had the whole door done in about 30 minutes. I also used it to clean the entry tread and all of the door knobs. 99.9% of all of the invisible germs and bacteria were gone with this glass door steam cleaner.