Spring in the USA means it is time to clean up the garage, and I am going to start with the garage windows. Using my Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 as a garage steam cleaner will save me time and will ensure that I have spotless windows and that I don’t use any chemicals and no paper towels all of which is a much more environmentally friendly choice to make.

I had not tried using my Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 steam cleaner on garage  windows; but I decided to use the squeegee attachment that is stored in the onboard tool box caddy that attaches to the bottom of the steam cleaner. I used the adapter nozzle and the window squeegee and set the steam to high pressure.  I pulled the squeegee down the glass and when I was done I dried the sill with a clean rag. I did the same thing on the inside and outside.  The garage steam cleaner was  really easy because the XVapor 1500 steam cleaner is portable. Windows are now spotless.

I used the garage steam cleaner on my garage doors, doors that had many dirty hand prints and dust built-up, I also used it on the top of my work bench. Steam cleaning removed all of the dirt and build up on every surface of the garage, even my work bench that I had recently used for potting my outdoor plants. Garage steam cleaning is something that I had never thought of before but now that it is done I wonder why I hadn’t tried before.