If you are looking for the best partner to help with your household cleaning, you should definitely consider Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer. It does not only help you clean your home. It also works to sanitize the different surfaces in your home including your flooring and countertops.

It uses superheated steam to steam clean and sanitizes most household surfaces. This is great especially if you have small children or if a member of your household suffers from allergies.

Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer comes with different kinds of attachments and nozzles for various types of cleaning all throughout your house. Below is a list of a few attachments and a brief description of where they can be used.

  • Small Directional Nozzle – This is what you need if you want to clean small and tight spaces. With this nozzle, you can easily clean hard to reach areas like sink drains and faucets.
  • Attachment and Detail Brush Nozzle – This attachment can be used to clean dirt and grime that are hard to remove. You can use this to easily and quickly remove stubborn build up on grout. Simply scrub the nozzle gently on the grout to remove dirt build up.
  • Squeegee Attachment – This can be used in cleaning windows, mirrors and glass surfaces. This video shows you where else you can use this attachment and how to attach it to the steamer.
  • Floor Brush Attachment – Use this attachment to steam clean your flooring. You can remove different kinds of stains on your flooring including red wine and oil on carpet as well as food spills on hardwood flooring.

Additional O Rings

Aside from the attachments and nozzles, Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer also comes with extra O rings. These are placed on the attachments and nozzles to ensure that it is a tight seal.

The small and big attachments already have O Rings and are ready to be used. Use the additional O Rings if you notice that there is steam leaking out from the attachments and nozzles.

Eurosteam® is a brand that is committed to high quality and high performance products designed to make chores at home easier, faster and chemical free. Learn more about the Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer here.

Find the complete line of Eurosteam® products at https://eurosteam.com