In the USA we use our kitchen counters for more than just food and cooking, we do crafting, repairs, diaper changing, homework, the cat is there and a million more uses. With cooking and getting food ready as well as all of the other uses our kitchen counter is the perfect place for germs and bacteria to spread. Chemicals and sprays are the wrong way to get the kitchen counter clean, to clean properly kitchen counter steam cleaning is the only way that it is clean, safe and healthy.

Using the Eurosteam® XVapor steam cleaner for the important job of cleaning my kitchen counter is the best way. It should be used almost every day to steam clean the kitchen counter because that way you know that you are doing the best and keeping your home healthy and clean. The XVapor is perfect for the job, it is portable and on wheels so traveling from space to space is easy, it uses high pressure steam and with all of the attachments in the onboard toolbox that are included it is a multi-purpose kitchen counter steam cleaner.

There are lots of attachments to steam clean my kitchen counter including the angled nozzle, detail brush, as well as the upholstery brush and cloth. The angled nozzle is the perfect tool to get in around the lip of the sink and under the lip of my built in cooktop. I use the detail brush to steam clean the caulking and on any messes that are stuck on and I finish steam cleaning the kitchen counter with the upholstery brush with the cloth attached and steam all of the surfaces of the kitchen counter. The high pressure steam kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria and leaves nothing but clean behind, no chemical films or build up, no odors and none of germs and bacteria that can harm my family.